Thursday, May 03, 2007

You have to LOVE environmental science! Hands on makes it 10X better!! Here is one of the bird feeders we put out today, not only are we learning about birds, but we are recycling too! This morning we saw an American Robin (there are alot of them around it is CT.'s state bird), and we saw a female Hairy Woodpecker!
This picture does no justice to this earthworm!! This thing was ENORMOUS!!!! Think James and the Giant Peach big! It was close to 5 inch. long and as big around as my little finger!! Dan dubbed it the Granddaddy of earth worms and then when Jake and Fern turned away welcomed it into the "Earthworm Relocation Program". Jake LOVES earthworms, but unfortunately does not quite understand about holding too tightly! So Granddaddy now has a new home in our garden plot.
Here are our veggie beds, we planted everything today except the tomato plants, we will see what comes up! That pile of rocks in the middle are SOME of the rocks that came from the 4 new areas. We completely understand now about pioneers moving west with the promise of fewer rocks to dig out of fields!! It is crazy!
Now along with my daffodils the previous owners tulips have popped up! They are a beautiful red, and they look great next to the bright yellow! Just since last night there are actual leaves on our trees! It is great to have the green coming back! :)


Cherish said...

That is the hugest worm I have ever seen! Eww!

Danna said...

We have found more since!!! I am glad someone reads this Cherish!! :)