Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ahh, summer science!! Look at our fun! We have gotten into the routine of going outside after dinner, it is cool and pleasant, and I water the garden.I have to keep on top of these or they tend to disappear!! So they usually get picked before they are overly red, for the fear that I will not see any and my patch will get tromped! The kids are so amazed at the food we are growing, these are the first fruits this summer.
Dan made the boys bug boxes, and Riley found a bug today to put in it! Although he would not touch it, so I had to pick it up for him and put it in his box. He is so proud, but sad the caterpillar has to live outside! :)
He is a bit fizzy, but not like the big fuzzy black ones we always had growing up. Too bad, those were so cool!
So there is our science for the day! :)

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