Monday, May 14, 2007

Just some cool sites I have been perusing!

FIAR forums -it is amazing what you can learn from other mamas!!

Simply Charlotte Mason - neat curriculum (free) ideas, and the planner looks interesting.

Donna Young - she has amazing forms, they are all free and even if I do not use hers it gives me a jumping off point to making my own! :)

And some books I am "hankering" for! (Sorry we watched the new Veggie Tales Movie last night "Moe and the Big Exit" and instead of "coveting" they use "hankering" and I thought it was great! :)

Crinkleroot Books

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Lets Read and Find-out Science Books

I will probably have at least the second one and a couple of the third one for school next fall, the Crinkleroot books I can find at the library occasionally! :)

I have been looking into what we need and what we have and what we are doing for the fall, and having fun outside! It just is so hard to do sit down work when it is finally so pretty outside!! :) But Riley and I buckled down today do do a little, Fern and Jake are asleep, which helps A TON!!!!!

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