Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Just a couple little snippets of schooling to share today!
Our fall nature table is always one of my most favorite!
We had the most amazing science class right out our front door. A monarch butterfly came out of it's chrysalis on our front porch in one of my plants. The kids named it Dotty!
Homeschool co-op went well, Fern my artist loved her second ceramics class.
Leili and I have been going through the capital letters, we are having a lot of fun (some of it sentimental as I think this is the last time I will do this)!!
My knitting class at our homeschool co-op finished up my dyeing yarn with kool-aid! 
Some friends and I started a littles outdoor school once a week for our 5 year olds, it is so nice to have a whole morning outside with these fun kids.

Fern and I did a little research on our foraging and Fern made it into a bar graph. Rose hips for us!

And a little peek at our table, we don't always work at the table but sometimes it works well for us. I am thinking it will soon be time to spend a day a week doing our school work in the downtown library where it is full of plants, all warm and green!