Saturday, August 18, 2007

As summer is winding down and starting school is fast aproching Lindafay at Higher Up and Further in started a What we did last summer topic. So here we go!
Our summer has been full of fun and family, wild animals and far off places, our backyard and exciting adventures!
We read all summer, all together! We visited Minnesota & NIHM, California & Narnia, and of course Connecticut & Ellwood City all from our own cozy home!
We visited the planetarium at the children's museum, the lighthouse at the beach, and the farmer's market on the green!
It has been a full fun summer, we have enjoyed learning on the fly and now are all looking forward to the new school year that will bring us lots of new adventures!
So what did you do this summer?

The first zuccini, followed by MANY more!

Dad with the crew at the San Diego Wild Animal Park!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Since I have used BFIAR before, I have not been spending as much time getting things ready for Jake. But I have been doing a little, and I am really excited to share these great books with him!! Our first book is Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear. I used this pattern of the bare bear to make a paper doll that I laminated, I also made clothing like in the book and laminated it. Then I put sticky velcro dots on them so that the clothes can be "put on". I think Jake will enjoy dressing his bear along with the story!

I am also thankful for this fun resource I found, another mama did all the work for me!! :) There is this neat activity to do with most of the books (not Jesse Bear though) it is called animal classification. Well this mama made these great cards to go with the animals from the books, I only with she had a blank template so that I could make more of the cards, I could make one, it is just easier when some things are already done.

So there is where I am at with that, I still have not picked out what activities we will do for Jesse Bear but I made a nice page to help me schedule it. If you want it email me and I can send it! :)
Here is the doll I made, with his undies velcroed on! then his bubble bath, his read shirt and blue pants, blue pjs, and blanket. Cute bear hu, I was glad to find one so cute!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I have not posted recently because we are playing lots and getting ready for the new school year to start! But we have of course been regularly going to the library this summer (it IS air conditioned!) and reading alot of great books. We have been really good about keeping a chapter book going as a family. We just finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM, it was great. This week we were playing play doh and Riley used the mouse cookie cutter and then exclaimed, "look I made Mrs. Frisby", it was great! And then a kind of yukky neat, Dan and the kids were in the "hiking area" and found a mouse that was "almost dead". :I So the boys wanted me to come see it, I declined but they told me it looked like one of Mrs. Frisbys children. Gross, but I am glad they made the connection.

Tonight we started a new book, The Magicians Nephew. It is the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. (not the first he wrote of the series, but the one he intended to be read first.) And as I finished the first chapter and closed the book Riley was practically in tears, he was flailing on the bed wanting me to read more so that he could find out what happens! IT WAS GREAT!!!! He was so excited and wanted it SO much!

This has all made me understand more why Charlotte Mason suggested that books be read slowly and savored. Mrs. Frisby became real to him, he was in the story, he will remember it. Maybe not all of it, he is just 6, but he will remember! And although it is so hard to say, "no extra chapter tonight" when he is begging, I mean he is not begging for candy or anything!! I am thankful to know that he is being able to savor this great literature! She said:
"We hear of 'three books a week' as a usual thing and rather a matter of pride. But this, again, comes of our tendency to depreciate knowledge, and to lose sight of its alimentary character. If we perceive that knowledge, like bread, is necessary food, we see also that it must be taken in set portions, fitly combined, duly served, and at due intervals, in order to induce the digestive processes without which, knowledge, like meat, gives us labour rather than strength." (vol. 5 of CM's educ. volumes)
Also qouted over at Higher Up and Further In! :)

Someday I will splurge and buy the set of Charlotte Mason writings, but for now I read bits here for free. :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I just read this on Higher Up and Further In, and I had to share. What a great story, can you imagine a mother's joy to hear her child fighting Satan with words of scripture!!!
Why Should Children Memorize Scripture?
My seven-year old daughter and I are reading Pilgrim’s Progress together this year. Yesterday, we came to the part when Christian fought Apollyon. My three-year old son listened in attentively because the duel had swords in it and that particular word, ‘sword’ is the love of his life right now. He couldn't help himself and picked up his sword (which is attached to his belt at all hours of the day ) and began fighting the imaginary monster with a passion.A moment of inspiration came to me and I quickly grabbed my pretend darts and shouted out a lie to them, “God doesn’t love you!”Dear Daughter grabbed a nearby toy sword and responded with a sounding blow upon my head while shouting aloud, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life!”I, Apollyon, threw another dart, “Your brother is being mean so you should not share your toys with him.”She paused for only a moment, “A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs it up!” --while raising her shield.I was thrilled that she caught on to the game so quickly. Dart after dart I threw, and she would respond with verses that she had memorized. My dear little son parroted her words and used his sword upon the wicked fiend as well. Finally, ‘Apollyon’ gave up, wounded and flew away.Sometimes we need to be reminded why we are teaching our children to memorize the Word of God. Sometimes our children need to be reminded as well.
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