Monday, January 30, 2012

So we are trying something new to help us get through our day. At the beginning of the year I bought Riley a student planner because he likes to know what is expected of him before he starts his day. I thought eventually he would be able to look at our schedule and look at his weekly assignments and fill in the individual days himself. It has not happened that way and in fact I realized he rarely even looks at the daily list, he jut asks me again... But I have to say it was nice to have a daily list of what we were going to get done, so I am trying out the white board. I take the weeks assignments, look at what subjects are scheduled for the day and then write every ones assignments. Jake is enjoying this as he has become a super reader, Fern really does not need a list as she does not read yet but I knew she'd feel left out so I put her right at the top. Besides it helps my brain (it needs all the help it can get)!

So we will see how this goes, maybe it will stick maybe it won't.

And a little FYI for those who are not readers of my other blog, my hard drive is fried so I will just be posting occasionally now when my husband is not traveling and such. But also the photos will suffer as the few I do share will be off of my phone...


Here is an interesting article about homeschooling rising!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Riley who has never enjoyed reading is today finishing the first book in the Wimpy Kid Diaries. 200 some odd pages... get this... in 2 weeks! It is not my first choice of books, but if it can give him confidence and desire in reading then well who am I to say. We all enjoy different genres.

With this new confidence it did not take too much for me to get him to read his science section on his own. I enjoy reading to my kids but it is very nice to have the ability to ask Riley to read something and then discuss it! He read a bit about what all is contained in a seed and then we talked about the amazing-ness of God's creation. So Riley and I did a little art project, it is so nice to get to paint! He is old enough now that we can paint side by side where as everyone else is still small enough that I don't actually get to sit down and paint. We decided to mix mediums, we used wax crayons and water colors. I love Riley's sun and my roots.

Now if only I could get him to write without a fight...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This is Miss Fern's picture from the story we read yesterday about a screech owl, she also practiced her O & o's! I just LOVED her owl!

And Jake has been listening to Solomon Owl by Aurthur Scott Bailey (out of the Animal Stories book on the carousel on the right)! I LOVE his owl too!!


Just sharing today!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Wouldn't you know it, after having a nice long holiday break Mom is sick on the Monday we were diving back in!!

That's ok, we make it though our morning studies. I did not go all out but we got some good stuff in. Riley thought he might die... SO FUN! ;)

But also we are having one of those freak, "it's Jan. 2 and 70 degrees outside!! Oh it was so good for my cold to go lie in the grass and be warmed in the sun! The kids are running around outside BAREFOOT using their imaginations and fresh air!

The picture up there is of some stone soup Fern and I made recently. She and I recently read the story and she was so excited to make it! I love stone soup and the magic involved.

How are you easing into this New Year? Any changes or tweaks?