Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes, school does still go on even when I don't take pictures or blog! :) Leili has become a little more challenging during our times when she can not be included, like say when we are using the microscope. Leili loves to get on the table when we are working! But luckily she is also now starting to enjoy somethings that are conducive to school time, like "reading" books, and coloring. She does not color much but is happy to join us at the table and hold crayons!! :)
Science, kitchen style!
So what happens when bread gets forgotten?

Look at the up close of some of the spores on the underside of the bowl, cool hu!!
School is going pretty well, we have taken a week off here and there for fun on the fly kind of learning! The planning I did during the summer has worked well, and if all goes as planned we should be starting our second quarter with the new year!
There is the Winter Edition of Rhythm of the Home up (great stuff for Solstice, and lots of other things). And the new Oak Meadow Newsletter is up, I have not read it yet!!