Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sometimes you just need a different view, you know what I mean? A few years ago I stumbled upon something good, but I did not know how good. I needed a different view to really know how good it was. To get that different view I had to kick a few rocks and bump my head a few times. Also the pleading, praying, fasting, seeking, and searching needed to be done. And thankfully that different view came. I had always known, it just wasn't the right time yet. And so after all the trying and failing we are succeeding and really enjoying it! It is the right time.
I have always been pulled towards the Waldorf schooling, but did not know how to make it fit our lives and our faith. The last few years have given me that, and so we have returned to using the Oak Meadow Curriculum this year and it feels so right, like coming home and snuggling under a warm blanket. Of course there are still stones and growing pains, getting use to schooling with a new babe on my hip or at my breast is... exciting. :) As is blocking out life and it's stresses. But it is right, and it is so nice for everything to come together! Finally! :)
So things may be a little different around here, there are a few new links, but it is still just us enjoying each other and learning as we go!
And if you have not had enough of me, there are a few more of my ramblings in the newest Oak Meadow Newsletter, page 5. :)