Saturday, February 07, 2009

What a winter we have had (and are still having)! With temperatures in the teens quite a bit it is just too cold to go out at all. This has severely limited our nature study as you can see over at our nature blog, but the other impact is just the SEVERE cabin fever so bad that you just don't want to do anything! The thought of sitting down and doing a math page has not tempted any of us. Mostly our chapter book reading (we just finished The Secret Garden and have jumped into Prince Caspian from the Narnia series!), art/drawing time (We are LOVING our new art supplies from here, I wish I had some too!), and music time (although not our composer study, I never did get a CD and the kids are wanting "rock" music, lately being the Muppet Show sound track, so maybe I should call this P.E. instead because all the dancing gets our blood pumping!) :) So how do we get the math in?Riley is all about cooking these days so during our last trip to the library he asked the librarian if they had children's cookbooks! This book has been his favorite so far, Pretend Soup and other real recipes! So his math and science and such have been coming from cooking up a storm! Here are some blueberry pancakes he made for us, very yummy although we will have to quadruple the batch next time! Now that will be quite the math lesson!!
What is your schooling looking like this season?