Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a little book review for you all (or y'all if your in the South)! I requested this book back in January from another library in our system, I finally got it at the beginning of this month. January, June... they both start with J's at least! :)
Anyway, it is an awesome book! In quite a bit of my TJed reading the Hirsch's Core Knowledge Series is recommended often, but I found it not at all the speed, content or organization that I liked. But I still wanted a year by year idea of appropriate study. This is just my speed, with the content we are already enjoying and it is organized just as my mama brain desires! Each "chapter" is a grade level starting at preschool, then it is broken up into Math, Science, World History, American History, etc... So for American history for 1st grade it wound give highlights to cover within the period your studying, Columbus's voyage, Sir Walter Raleigh, Pocahontas, etc... So I found it well organized in that respect, with content it had great book ideas to go with different topics along with websites with free resources. I LOVE free!! :) It also included a heading for P.E. who does not love P.E.!! So for 1st grade it had throw and catch a ball, and skip with out falling as a couple recommendations. It is just nice to know developmentally what we should work on.
We keep it pretty mellow on the academics around here, but I do try to have a little something interesting to do together and this is a great resource! It is now high on my priorities list of books to get!!

On the school front, we have been on vacation and soon will be off to visit Grandma so our learning has been on the fly and O-SO-FUN!! What beats learning on an beach in the Caribbean!!
**A fun new site I found . They have some fun printables, including geography car games!!