Thursday, August 21, 2008

You know I use to do this all for fun when I was little, my Daddy was a public school teacher and would bring me home lots of "scrap paper". I would organize my school stuff and set up school in front of my big chalk board with Mr. Bear, mommy doll, baby beans, and a few other choice "friends". Too bad I did not find school so interesting or inspiring. Last year I organized all of my needed school papers into a 3 ring binder, I continued to add papers throughout the year. Not only was it my calender and book list but I also kept upcoming activities for Riley and Jake in there. This year I choose to take my plans for each of the kids, plus a calender, book lists, blank paper, and my weekly plans/next week pages (see below), put them all together and have them bound. It was only $2.00 at Staples and I even got a nice cover and backing to it! Isn't it pretty! :) I will keep any upcoming activity pages in a separate folder.
So this is the page I created to keep my mind in order a bit! :) So each week I can write in what our goals to get accomplished are plus anything I would like to do with the kids specifically (ie: go to the library, go apple picking, read Johnny Appleseed before going apple picking, etc).
On the back of the weekly page so that if you have the book opened it is on the left, I have created a space to keep my self ready for the up coming week. This way hopefully when I sit down with Fern & Jake to paint I do not find that we are out of purple or green, or if Riley and I are going out to observe the changing colors for our nature books, we have room in our books!
Riley is really chomping at the bit to start in to all the fun for the new school year but I have not been able to get the books we need to start, so we wait! :) Soon I hope we will be ready! :)