Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mom School!

During the holidays when our studies where a little lighter and I wanted to share something interesting with the kids we did a couple weeks of learning about Julia Childs! I love to cook and I have a couple kids who enjoy cooking and well we all LOVE to eat good food so this turned out to be tons of fun! 
We watched a few episodes of her original black and white show, and some of the newer ones. PBS has some available and there a lots on youtube too!
This was such a much so I *almost* was a bad library lover and did not return it. It was an original first edition! The Potato-Leek soup was VERY tasty and very yummy!
This was a fun comic style book all about her life, Bon Appetit! ~ the kids enjoyed it.
They also though she was wildly hysterical!!
This was the kids favorite book we read about her, Minette's Feast ~ its all about her cat!
And then we fell in love with her a little more when we turned to this picture at the back of the book...Minette was a tortie! It takes a special person to love and be loved by a tortie!!

Riley was so gung-ho to make crepes but being knowing their reputation I was a little nervous so I kept putting him he just jumped right in not knowing that they can be tricky and made GREAT crepes! He even followed her directions and was flipping them in the air! It was awesome!
Another great resource is that her kitchen is in the Smithsonian and you can take a virtual tour.
Not to share as a family but on my own I read My Life in France and Julie and Julia, (and watched the movie) which is what started this whole interest in Julia Childs! They were both interesting reads in their own ways. 
Do you have a favorite Julia Childs recipe?
Bon App├ętit!