Saturday, May 05, 2007

I have loved Shakespeare for a long time, it all started my freshman year in high school in Drama 1 with Mr. Scott. Most of the year was devoted to Shakespeare, we had to memorize a monologue to preform in class, and then translate it into modern day jargon and preform that. What this did for my understanding of the scriptures is in measurable! Well I always thought I would have to wait until high school to enjoy the Barb with my children, tis not so I learned today! Even with the FIAR I am planning to do next year with Riley, this WILL be one of the other great things we will work on! I hope my library has these books so that I can read them before I decide if they should be apart of our library. We are going to have to add on to the house just to house all these book I want and have!!
So here is the plan on the blog, Higher Up and Further In. I thoroughly enjoy reading this mama's blog! Enjoy!!

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