Friday, April 27, 2007

We went on a great outing today, it went along well with our book, The Ox-Cart Man. It was perfect to see a colonial era house after reading about it, Riley recognized alot! So I guess this is one good thing about not living in Calif. there are no colonial houses there to go see. But don't tell anyone I said that! :) Dan commented that our tour guide gave us mostly fluff info, and that he was hoping to learn more, then commented on how Riley will soon be able to out tour the tour guides! :) Oh well, it was a great outing to go along with this fun book. Doing this unit study has made me more excited about doing FIAR next year, I am waiting to continue my research and also to look and see at the curriculum fair at the HSing conference next month, plus continuing to pray over the mater. So we will see! :)

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Kyrene said...

Keep up the good work.