Thursday, April 12, 2007

WOW!!! HOORAY!! EXCITING!!! That was yesterday!! Riley read a sentence, with out help!!!!! We got turned on to this website, and it is awesome, and FREE!!! I do not approve of lots of computer time for littles, but we will be doing these!!! The sentence was, "Zac sat on a can". HOORAY!! Maybe we will make it through the letter sounds!!!! We have had a hard time with letter sounds with Riley, some moms suggested a video, I am not a big fan of "educational" videos ether, I like the one on one, but we are really struggling and the moms who suggested it are very like minded on theses things, so I splurged and ordered it yesterday! Oh and I finally got to order "Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion" I am so excited to read it, I can not wait!! Just thought I would share our GREAT milestone!!

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