Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well I got my book (The Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion) on Saturday and I am over half way through!!! I am enjoying it, there were a couple chapters I had to wade through, as they talked alot about TJed in respect to much older kids, but I am learning alot! I highly recommend it, but you should read A Thomas Jefferson Education First. At the LDSEHE conference next month, there is going to be a TJed seminar the day before, but it cost extra, and I am not sure we can be there a day early, with Dan's schedule. :( We'll see!

Yesterday the video "Letter Factory" came and we watched it, the kids enjoyed it, and they picked up some. Then today Riley sunk downstairs and put it in and started watching it. He is not suppose to do that with out asking, but how do you get upset at him wanting to learn! :) So I would say this was a good buy. :)

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