Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We have jumped back on the wagon this week, it was a bit of a rocky week last week. Oh well you win some you lose some! :)
Anyway I read this which I thought was lovely, and inspiring last week and wanted to share it will all of you, (aka: no one!) :) (Just ignore the political talk at the beginning!)
And I have turned my head to find something good for next year, and as it happens some times it is not "new". Last year for Riley we did Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) and I loved it, I have been so excited about doing it with Jake this coming year. SO, why not try the next level, Five in a Row (FIAR). Isn't it amazing when the answer is right under your nose and you can not see it until the Lord (after sincere pleadings) points it out!!! They have added a few new "things" since I last looked at them and I have been enjoying reading the forums, with all the great ideas from fellow "rowing" mothers! I still plan to use the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons too. And of course plenty of gospel teachings!
Have a great day!!


Cherish said...

My mom used Five in a Row for one of her later batch of homeschooling kids and loved it.

Danna said...

Aha! Someone found my homeschooling blog, glad it was you Cherish!! :) Have you read Thomas Jefferson Education? I thought it was great! :) Love ya!!