Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well we are officially official!

Now just to remember to be official with Fern in a couple years! :) ~ I have never been a real structured P.E. curriculum kind of gal, I don't plan any. There always seems to be a little built into our other learning activities and if you know my kids they are plenty active! Up until our move here Riley was taking Jui -Jitsu and loving it too bad there is not a studio here. :( We also enjoy hiking as a family or even just going for a walk around the neighborhood. But this week we have an all new kind of P.E., the gas-is-really-expensive kind! In our effort to reduce our gas consumption and therefor cost the boys and I rode our bikes to the co-op 2 miles away and back to get a few odds and ends we needed. And then today the kids and I (and our trusty wagon) made our way to the grocery store on the corner, 1 mile away to do a little shopping, poor Fern had to walk all the way home as there was no room for her, Leili, and the groceries!! :) That is my kind of exercising, puts $ in our pocket, we get something done, & it wares out my kids!!

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Cherish said...

Good for you! Our society spends too little time moving as part of life, and instead we spend money on gyms. You're doing it the best way!