Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I have all my paper work for this new state all completed and sealed in an envelope. Now to go to the post office and send it registered. Whew! Glad it will be done soon, although I will have to do more once Fern is 7.

I also figured we should get back to it, and since I had everything out doing my paperwork I started planning to get back to regular schooling Monday.

But I found a funny thing when I opened our Oak Meadow books. When I was planning last August I knew we could not buy new curriculum books, and we still had lessons to do from our last curriculum books so I just went with what I had. Well I found yesterday that we only have 4 lessons left for each of the boys! A few more for Fern as I started from the beginning of her book. So I guess the plan is to finish in the next four weeks and then to fill in and do a little extra fun learning and finish Fern up as well. Now yes that means that Riley never got to do the "4th grade" book this year but I think that I will just plan on buying the 4th grade curriculum for the fall (OH HOW NICE TO BE ABLE TO BUY THINGS WE NEED AGAIN!!), but continue to consider him in 4th this year and 5th next year. Because really does it matter?

It is encouraging and exciting to think of being finished before too long! The light at the end of the tunnel is MOST WELCOMED! And it is so exciting to think of buying school supplies!! I am such a nerd!! :)


Cherish said...

Homeschool supplies are SO much fun to buy! I always loved browsing the timberdoodle catalog.

Danna said...

OOOoooo, I don't think I've seen that catalog...