Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well we have not gotten quite back to regular schooling yet, but we have been finding a little time to do a little formal learning! Riley has grumbly been working on his cursive, yes we live in a digital age why would kids need to learn cursive?? Some schools have stopped teaching it, but sorry babes in our family your not getting out of it!! I think it is still a valuable talent and so I continue to annoy my kids! :)

Jake has been VERY interested in watches and telling time lately, so the other day when I got a lovely quiet hour with Jake we sat down and he learned how to tell time! He did AMAZING and we had tons of fun together. Today we bought the coveted first watch! It helped that he LOVES to count by 5's, now he has a reason to do it all the time!

*cool clock stamp from Lakeshore, I bought it way back before Riley learned to tell time! I TOTALLY scored at Goodwill last week in the book department! I went to get some good books to donate to a kids shelter in town, but I found a few that needed to come home with me too! :) I found this set of Beatrix Potter books, they are not all there, but there are plenty of good ones! Today we read Mr. Jeremy Fisher! I love that one!! I also found The Twits by Roald Dahl, I love his writing. The boys and I finished The Twits last night, they loved it. I also found old copies of Cricket Magazine from the 70's, I think I may go back for more! Talk about making modern kids reading look like "twaddle", "twaddle", "twaddle"!! ~ Did I type "LOVE" too much today or what!? Better than hate I guess!!


Cherish said...

Yeah, and we have meals already prepared in stores, but that doesn't mean we don't need to know how to cook. :-)

Major score on the Beatrix Potter books! I love Roald Dahl too and have collected quite a few of his books for my future kidlets (and myself!)

Danna said...

Jake has let us know what time it is every 5-10 min. ALL DAY! So glad it clicked for him and he's so proud of himself, but I am also glad it is bed time! :)

Anonymous said...

If they don't teach my kids cursive at school, you will be able to hear my "discussion" about schooling with my dear hubbie all the way from Nevada. Love, Lisa