Thursday, May 12, 2011

While I am not a big fan of all the moving around we've been doing it does lend to some great field trips we would have otherwise never seen!

Riley was recently learning about fresh water biomes, now we have a house full of beach babies with the exception of transplant Dan and our Connecticut babe so we headed over to Lake Tahoe! It is relatively close, we had to buy chains which was a little crazy (after living in New England and never needing them)! It was beautiful, the kids tasted the water to prove it was indeed "fresh" (I am hoping they did not get some weird twitching disease). We learned that most of the pines up there are Jeffery pines, but there are also Ponderosa pines! We are looking forward to going again when it is warm!


We are finishing up our Oak Meadow books with the boys (Fern still has a bit more), and then the boys and I will be working on a few things that they need extra work on, things we did not get to, and things we just plain want to do! Since getting here and s-l-o-w-l-y unpacking I threw up my hands and simplified things. If you remember when we started this year I had grand ideas for Family Studies along with our Oak Meadow, I also choose not to do a couple subjects from Oak Meadow but to incorporate those in our family time. Well I have just stuck with our Oak Meadow and so we have been actually doing and enjoying our school time as I am not so stressed and busy (aka: overwhelmed). :) When pondering about this I recently thought of the Conference talk by Elder Oaks, Good, Better, Best. All the things I want my kids to learn are good, but sanity is even better!


Oak Meadow is having their Spring Sale through the end of the month, every year I procrastinate and think I'll get a better deal on Amazon or Ebay. But really it's not that much better and lately it seems that there is less and less to find. I really do prefer to buy used books for many reasons, but with the new editions being near the same price of the old and the thought of less run around for me... I think the sale will win out for the first time. It is also nice to think of having the new books all summer to become familiar with, and just yesterday I found some of the chapter books on Riley's reading list at Goodwill for .65 cents each! 3 more to watch for!! Oh and we found this AWESOME book store this week (scroll down to the photos-just the store)!!!


Cherish said...

Isn't that a great perk about homeschooling - you can make it fit the ups and downs of life.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that you are doing any homeschooling after that huge move is HUGE! I think I would have said, okay fam, let's nest it up and start again next year with a bang. You are a supermom, wether you feel like it today or not!!! Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment but it disappeared, so I commented again in roughly the exact same words, so if for some reason you get two very similar comments from me, sorry about that, you know I'm not too computer savvy! Love, lIsa

Danna said...

I have it set so that once a post is a week old I have to approve comments, too much spam on older posts! So that may be why you don't always see your posts right away!! XOXOX