Saturday, February 02, 2008

For our nature study this 6 weeks we are learning about rocks and minerals. I have always LOVED rocks, yea I am a bit weird, anyway I had quite a rock collection but I can not find it! I think I packed it in a box when I went away to college but I have not seen it since. Most of my boxes of that sort are stored at my dad's and since we are too far away to go just for a rock collection (although I do not need half so good a reason) we had to start from scratch.

So we went over to the Rolling Brook Nature Center and in the gift shop they had "grab bags" of rocks. I use to love to get grab bags of rocks from the rock guy at our weekly street fair growing up! So it was fun to share Riley's excitement and remember the sweetness of it! Riley and I have been working on identifying them, some I am familiar with but some are throwing me for a loop!! Here is what we have so far! :)

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Cherish said...

I used to have a rock collection, but outgrew it and took it to a white elephant exchange at Mutual. (I think secretly I got tired of dusting it...)