Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wow, did you think you were at the wrong blog?? I know it is completely different, but I like it! :)
On a non-school-day note, I have also added a little banner over on the side for Ron Paul, I find his Homeschooling philosophy engaging, along with his desire to uphold the constitution. I hope you will take a minuet and read his views on homeschooling and really consider who you are voting for and what it means for our children, now and in the times to come.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could "adopt" you. You are so much like me...interested in all the same things. How blessed Cherish was to have you as a neighbor in Anaheim. I am blessed just to enjoy reading your blogs...all of them. I can't wait until Cherish gets to start homeschooling her children.
Cherish's MOM

Danna said...

Thank you! It means alot, I seem to be quite the odd ball in most any of the circles I find myself, I miss Cherish horribly! :) I am glad you read my blog, sometimes I think I am just blogging to myself!! :)
Yes, I can not wait for Cherish to homeschool and such too, I already have a crunch baby gift put away for her!!! :)
Much Love!!

Sheri said...

I'm a big fan of Ron as well.
Isn't he the greatest?

Danna said...

Yes, thanks for stoping buy too!!