Friday, December 28, 2007

First Term Exams are done!!!

Yea, now to get ready for the new term. My poor black ink cartridge is just not up to it, I am hoping a little $$ is magically found in our budget through divine means so that I can wear out my printer some more!! (I would use my budget but I have already spent some of my food money on books!!) We may be eating beans and rice but we will be enlightened!! :) Ha Ha!

Riley did well on his exams, it sounds like my poor little 6 year old was whittling through pencils for hours on end doesn't it?! No worries, they were mostly all oral, he put the timeline pictures he has drawn throughout the term in order, told me a couple of Aesop's Fables, found the Tigress and Euphrates rivers on our world map, recited Robert Lewis Stevenson's poem; Time to rise, and did well on word problems in math. Over all he did well, we have been able to realize we need to concentrate on certain things when we study geography and world history, and that swords, ships, and Indians make all the details not so memorable in American History! :)
The picture up top is the first stanza in Riley's poem, (his is the 2nd, & 4th lines) He can write very nicely when he tries, he is even getting down the space between words most of the time!
Over all we are happy with the curriculum we have gleaned and tweaked from Lindafay, what a blessing to have experienced mama's willing to share and mentor! We have lost that too much these days in our society. Now to start in again with zeal, as we have no trips or major holidays coming up, although we will have to plan a little break for February when Grandpa comes to visit!! :) I am hoping to find a way to integrate it all into our lives more, to really enjoy and learn from it.
Any ideas are welcome and very much appreciated! Have a great New Year!

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Cherish said...

I'm out of ink too and it hasn't been in the budget for months... I feel your pain.

I have no ideas for you, I'm too far away and too out of touch with homeschooling in this stage of my life. I do think, however, that you need a holiday soon! Winter is so long and cold without a holiday, so you have to improvise something fun that makes you feel warm.