Friday, February 16, 2007

Well this school year has definitely been a roller coaster, not the best fall to start kindergarten! Being nomads for a month and packing and unpacking on ether end of our wondering, curriculum building got the fuzzy end of the stick. So with the limited amount of research time I chose a packaged curriculum. It is good, but now after diving into it, and banging our heads for a few months, I have come to the conclusion that it is just not for us. So maybe I will be exploring the selling side of eBay! So now I am mostly improvising our curriculum now, loosely following the shell of the one I bought. I wish I could call TIME OUT and gather myself. But I think with my present state that could take a few years, so we press forward. I have been reading other blogs and trying to glean from experienced moms. Now I just need to get myself motivated and into action. Something my severe lazy bone works against. The other impediment unfortunately is money. I hate to admit it, but homeschooling does take some money. I know there are moms who can do it relatively free, but our library and my sanity are not so ready. So we improvise. I think this is a good buy, I have had it recommended by a few moms. I am looking forward to getting it and starting working with Riley on reading. Not hard core, I don't want to turn him off I want him to love it! :)

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