Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well I thought I would start a blog with what we do for school and also different teaching options I learn about! So lets start this wild ride!
I have had many people when I tell them we home school say, "your brave", I haven't, but I'd like to respond, "your the brave one". I know it is not like me to have a loss of words, but I have had a hard time with the question of why we home school. Hopefully it will come soon. In single words, that will be investigated further I'd say: content, socializing, learning, love, out come, God, character, country, family.... I'll leave the list hanging, it is not complete.
Here is an article I read this week, I thought it had many good points. And another article. I may not agree with everything, but I found it thought provoking, and had some good information I could use. :)

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