Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roy G. Biv

It WILL be stuck in you head so listen at your own risk!!
Recently while looking for a multiplication chart to print I happened across a great site! 
In the multiplication area of his site he says, 
"When I was growing up, my dad hung a huge periodic table of the chemical elements on the wall. It was in the dining room, and it was so big, you couldn't miss it. It listed all the elements, and their names, and some of their chemical properties. Now,

  • My dad never drilled me on it,
  • I never studied chemistry beyond high school,
  • I never made an effort to memorize it.
Nonetheless, years later, I can still remember the names for the symbols, and the symbols for the names!"

So two things happend 1. I printed out the multiplication tables (as a rainbow), laminated them and turned our hallway into rainbow mathematics land. And 2. I started looking for a huge periodic table to put above the piano!!! Makes some serious sense to me!!!!

I also wanted to share a couple links:

Happy January!!!!

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