Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did you see...

Did you see the super moon? Did you take the time to walk outside?
We did.
We planned it and talked about it. We met with friends and waited. We are high here in Reno so we had to wait until it got over the mountains to our east.
Minutes before it peaked we could see its glow! The kids were amazed the moon could make so much light. And then it crested the mountain. It was beautiful and big and bright.
I love that my family can watch this kind of celestial phenomenon and be awed. Awed at our Father's creations, awed that nature can provide such a spectacular and beautiful sight. And awed that in the dark you can find so much happiness just being together!
We're ready for Sunday's annular eclipse! And ready for more awe!
Yeah for life learning as jake would say!


Lisa Eggs said...

Kind of mad at the universe (not you, I'd totes blog about it too) for being all "WOW did you see that super moon" the day AFTER the super moon! Why didn't anyone say, hey, tomorrow there's going to be this thing called a super moon so be there b/c for the next month we're all going to be tooting it's horn. I wish I did see it but I didn't even know such a thing existed. I looked up when the next super moon is and it's 2016. I hope i remember b/c I'm sure no one's going to give me a heads up!!! Glad you guys saw it, how did you even know about it? Are such things dicussed on your side of the country?

Lisa Eggs said...

But now that I think about it, I'm almost positive I saw one this one time by accident in Paris with my friend Regis. We were walking down the street near Bastille and this moon was freakishly enormous. It was a total freak show. It must have been a super. I should check when the last one was, i'd be surprised if that wasn't one.