Friday, November 18, 2011

How was your week? Was it productive? Oh it's Friday again... errr... Then it has been a full two weeks that we have not gotten any schooling in... Oh the sicknesses that have plagued our house these last two weeks! Oh yea and my partner in crime has been out of town the whole time! Times like this, it is hard to not freak out a little on myself. But seriously between a 10 year old who is THE WORST sick person, a babe who needed to nurse non-stop, two super kids who just sleep through sickness, and an uber sick mama well what can I expect of myself! I am still not 100% my house is still disaster-ish and now I am looking at a holiday week where we are traveling! But do you know what came out of it? We are all over our toast out (not full burn out just toasted a little), and we are all ready to dive back in! I hope it lasts though our week of traveling!!
Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back after the holiday (and unpacking)!


Anonymous said...

There hasn't been a heck of a lot of schooling happening around here lately either: the schools were closed for over a week b/c of the power outages and then everyone got sick from having no heat! We tried to do our "home" work but no one was very into it, including mama! Oops :) Love, Lisa

Cherish said...

Life just does that sometimes. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family! If you're coming to UT, let me know because I'm pretty open AFTER Thanksgiving Day, so I could come down to your mom's.

kathy said...

Hope you guys are feeling better!