Friday, August 26, 2011

Well it is that time of year! I finalized my planning, printed it all out, and took it over to Staples yesterday! I am such a geek, "playing school" to me as a kid was all about the planning, class was never the highlight. :) But my kids are alot more fun to learn with then Mr. Bear, my Cabbage Patch, and assorted animals were!

So whats in it this year? The first page after my lovely cover up there is THIS fun map of Nevada I found on the Nevada Tourism website, next is our weekly schedule. I have found this helps tremendously in getting through the harder times.

Next up is our family study plans for the year, this is stuff that is what we do instead of the regular "circle time".

Riley this year will be challenges but I think he is up for it!

Jake is going to love all of this!

I teetered a bit on whether Fern was ready for this content, but I think she will really dive in. And I am looking forward to doing some of these things with her that I have enjoyed before with the boys! :)

And I like to include this as cooking and food prep is a great learning opportunity that we enjoy as a family.

After all this is my weekly sheets for planning out what we will strive to accomplish!


You may have noticed I have not attached grade levels, I have never felt overly comfortable with it. One of the joys of homeschooling is being able to tailor to each child. They may be "ahead" in one subject or "behind" in another and that is OK!! Anyway I found this great article just a little bit back and thought I'd share it here!

We are using Oak Meadow again this year and are really looking forward to cracking open our new books, but there is the bit of Charlotte Mason & Thomas Jefferson Education packed in too!!

Happy First Day of Schooling!!


The Happy Hunt Home said...

I love it all, we'll have to get together and knock around lessons together, a homeschooling we will go! PS I'm right there with you about not letting age/grade determine what my child "should" be ready for or mastering. Pacing is an individual path.

Cherish said...

Danna, you're so organized. This looks awesome. How fun that Fern will learn how to knit this year! My grandma taught me various handiwork things like crocheting and needlepoint, and while I've forgotten most of it, I really enjoyed it.