Sunday, May 03, 2009

Do you remember pattern block from kindergarten? I always LOVED them, so a few years ago I splurged and bought some nice wood ones from Lakeshore. Then when I was at my sister in laws house she pulled out cool pattern block picture cards for the kids to use, they were really neat. So I went home and looked into buying some, they were a little pricey so I did an Internet search and found a cool mom who had made her own (sorry I have lost the link) to print out of free. I laminated them and they have been great! I have them saved on my computer so if you want them just email me and I'll send them as an attachment!
Well Riley has out grown the pictures for the most part, but he still loves to use the blocks. So here is his most recent creations... his photography too... This is the Star Wars Millennium Falcon...
and an X wing Fighter with R2-D2 in the back!

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