Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well Jake and I got a little time together, with out anyone else! Amazing hu!So Jake "read" me Make Way For Ducklings, he did really well!
Then Jake painted Mr. Mallard, he was so excited that I knew how to make green even though we were out of green paint! It is nice to be super mom occasionally! :)

The for lunch he got to have a picnic inside and listen to a couple of his audio books, he LOVES these!!
All in all Jake and I were able to spend some quality time together and even do some fun "school work", I love school work like this!!
So that was a few quality hours in the life of my sweet 5 year old!


Anonymous said...

I love having the kids "read" me books. The other day Mim read me a Little Critter book that we've read 500x's but this time it was all about ice skating. I don't know where she got that from but bravo imagination :) Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I had to leave another comment, sorry! Max read Mimi "Mama Don't Allow" (what a cool book btw) today and he got almost the whole thing right! What? Even the lullaby part! Kids have amazing memories. Isn't it great having kids who love reading? Oh, and Mimi was totally patient with him and sat there the whole time! It was a total gift-from-God moment, quite unlike the rest of the day ;) Love, Lisa