Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Electricity, e-lec-tricity!"
Do you remember that song from School House Rock?
We started our new science study with an experiment! Riley said, "what are you going to electrocute me?" and I said "YEP"!! :) So we made electricity!
This is like a battery, you have the lemon which is your acid then in one slit you put a nickle and the other slit you put a penny, your metal. You then put wires in with their ends exposed and then touch both of the other exposed ends on your tongue. It is just a little bit of a tingle, not a large jolt! :) But Riley LOVES electricity (always has) and he is so excited to play with it more!! :) I was bummed our library does not have the "Read and Find Out Science" book about electricity, or the DK eyewitness book about it ether! BUMMER!! :) But Grandma bought us the Usborne Science Activities Books and there are some fun experiments to do!! :)
I'll take more pictures of electrocuting Riley to share!! :)


Cherish said...

Fun! I have a science experiment book you might like, I think Riley at least is old enough. I'll glance at it and maybe mail it to you.

I can't believe how Riley has grown, so lanky. He's going to have lots of girls after him in a few years, too few!

Anonymous said...

I always feel the need to "fess up" when I check out your blog :) These are great ideas! I love this homeschooling blog, I'm taking notes :) You are such a CT novelty, in a good way. If I go to California, would I find a state full of moms like you or are you truely as unique as you let on? :) Thanks for exposing me to another world of doing things! Oh, and thanks for the Carry link, now I can check out her homeschool thing too, looks like she's really got the hang of it already :) Love, Lisa