Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ok so I have been planning and reading and now I have our year planned out primarily. So I thought I'd share my plan, because I am just that kind of girl! Please forgive my cheese way of sharing but I like things to be in order and I have not found a way to put a document here on blogger! :) If you have any questions please do ask, and please feel free to use these plans for your own children but please do not make money off of them, I'm not! :)

Here is Riley's year in a nut shell, I do not have all the books we will be using on here but if your interested I do have them! :)
Here is my Super Man - Jake's year! I am thinking about letting him choose the letter we study instead of going in order. He knows all his letters so it will be more about their sound and words that start with them. The books are just some good titles, we will be getting library books on top of them! :) Here is a site I am getting some of our "fun" ideas for in the last column!

And Miss Fern's! This is the same plan I wrote out for Riley when he was three, we used it in the little co-op we had in Calif. I just tweaked it a little, CT, instead of CA and the field trips of course. For January I had on there to go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, but that is quite a trip in addition San Diego in January is a beautiful time to go, but I am doubting January in Connecticut as a good time to go to the zoo, we will see!

So there is it, it is nice to have a plan, now just to enjoy it! :)


Cherish said...

Nice, we used the McGuffey readers a little bit.

carrie said...

I was looking at the second grade schedule and it looks a lot like Christopher's second grade schedule this year - same World History, narrations, copy work, poetry, Shekespeare etc. I see the Charlotte Mason influences...