Friday, April 25, 2008

For not being readers it is sure hard to get them to put the books down! :)
This is what I had last night at bed time, each of them with a flashlight and a pile of books! It does not get much better than that!!
Other than that we are just going about our usual business. Riley is still enjoying his math pages, the other day Jake surprised me with Riley's math page. There were several rows of 7 "things" like 7 watermelons, mice, etc., then it would say you have 7, cross out 3 what do you have left? Riley went through and did them all, on the last one he did the problem by saying it out loud, as he got to the "what's left" part Jake said the CORRECT answer. With out counting! So I tried a few others, he would look at the pictures but was not counting and he knew all the answers! It was weird! :)
Jake has had the short end of the schooling stick so to say, we have not been able to get the book for BFIAR for almost 2 months, our library system just does not have them! This week I was excited because I owned the book we were to use, and then of course it is no where to be found! POOF disappeared! :) Oh well we read tons of books anyway, but we have been lagging on the fun art activities he enjoys. Things have just been crazy and the house too so it is hard for me to pull out mess, ya know!
Anyway enough of my rambling, I just loved the picture, I wish it had turned out a bit better, but oh well you get the idea! :)

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