Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well of course I love the opera... that I know; Evita, Le Miserables, Martin Guerre, the usual. But the word was still a bit scary. So when I put on the schedule to study opera for our music study the last six weeks I was a bit apprehensive and Dan thought I was down right insane! But have no fear just throw something in there that Dan DOES like, the German language! :)
So we have been listening to Mozart's The Magic Flute, and then this week I rented a stage production of the show from Netflix. We all sat down to watch it and everyone watched it (well Fern fell asleep it was long). And then the next morning the boys begged to watch it again! So we did, this mama knows when to say yes! :) The fun part was to see the boys recognizing some of the German words they knew! So it was a successful six weeks of music, we also read the book The Pet of the Met which was a ton of fun and talked a bit about The Magic Flute!
The version we rented was good, but what is up with the Egyptian thing?

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