Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can you tell I am a visual learner? I love the written word, but I usually "get it" better if I have never seen it by seeing it first! :) So I have a slew of pictures from our school fun last week, and a special video from today! Last week Jake and I were reading Katy-No-Pocket. It is a great book for learning about different animals. This is a picture of Jake the Kangaroo, with his pockets full of animal friends!

Here is Kangaroo Jake hopping around the house, sorry it is sideways, It is just going to have to stay that way!!
Here is a handicraft we did last week together. We made Fleece scarves! Very useful because the boys did not have one and fun because we made them. I got the idea from Me and My Girl, I had to simplify a little bit for our babes, but they LOVED it! Here they are wearing theirs and showing the gigantic one they made for Dad. They also made one for a friend who's birthday was last Fri. and they were quite happy to give him a gift they made even with all the other light it up, making noise kind of toys that he received!
They were Oh so excited to have camo fleece, and I was oh so happy it was on the clearance table!!

Now we have been in this school year for 7 weeks, and every time I told Riley we were going to learn to read he would turn off. If I even touched the book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" he would grone. It was awful!

So I thankfully decided to try another way. And I offered Riley 2 options, learn to read with a few short words and then work on a Little Bear book off my shelf, or learn a few words and read from the Book of Mormon. He choose Little Bear, so we did two of Lindafay's lessons today.. a MIRACLE!!!!! Watch!


JacciM said...

That video of your son reading made me get all teary eyed!!! :) Oh, what a wonderful, blessed thing for you to be a part of!!! I want to really encourage you in your decision to toss what wasn't working. You chose something instead that was well suited for your son - and now look! *grin* What an awesome illustration of how homeschooling's flexibility can be so positive for everyone involved :)

Thanks for the BIG smiles.


Danna said...

Thank you Jacci for your good words, they are VERY much appreciated. You seem to be doing well for your year 1 gal too, I still don't feel quite in the swing of things, I hope to get a grasp and then a fist on it soon!!

lindafay said...

I am so proud of your new reader! Don't hesitate to pick my brain if you are struggling with something. (Although it looks like you are all doing just fine.) Articles are a poor substitute for chats.


Danna said...

Lindafay you could not be more correct, experenced Mama's support is essential!! Thanks!!